At JSF we live by the saying “if you want something done right, do it yourself.”

                                                                              Mare care being bred to JSF stallions and/or others

Laika at JSFThis service revolves around daily teasing and closely working with the reproduction veterinarian. Our meticulous attention to detail coupled with our vast knowledge of equine reproduction allows for the best possible conditions for successful cycles. We provide on farm service such as: A.I., uterine lavage / infusion, culture / cytology and are skilled in handling, dethawing, inseminating frozen semen. Your mare will be treated as our own.





Foal watch / Foaling mares out

First hello Jete and StellaIn 16′ x 18′ foaling stalls, we provide video surveillance during the night and will regularly test the pre-foaling mammary secretions for calcium level and monitor all possible pre-foaling signs thoroughly. We assist the mare during delivery and help the new born until it is standing and nursing on its own prior to veterinary check.







   Stallion collection /prep semen to ship

All care is taken for stallion safety. Semen is correctly handled processed and prepped for shipping.