(Heartbreaker / Cassini)

Torino in 2003

Torino is a sire for the professional or the serious breeder who strives to “Raise The Bar” on world class quality jumpers bred in the US.

Torino’s temperament gives him a competitive edge: affectionate, intelligent, and determined, about what he was bred do to: JUMP! His jumping skill is absolutely unparalleled (please see clip or video). His jump has unlimited scope. Torino’s canter is elastic, powerful  and has  ultimate balance that make him able to leave a stride out or “canter in a tea cup.” Torino’s conformation is correct and balanced with an ideal “Power” hind end that is seen in each of his foals.

If you are searching for a stallion to produce world-class jumping talent, a breeding to Torino is your ticket to success.

 Torino  (Heatbreaker /Cassini) w Abbie Ross

 Torino’s sire the Preferent , Amabassadeur HEARTBREAKER sits 4th of the WBFSH list for 2013.
Torino’s dam’s sire, the great CASSINI, sits 18th in the word.


 Torino Pedigree




Heartbreaker Pref, Amb





Fax I
Dorette H
Ramonaa Ster Koridon xx
Friedhilde II
Bacorole Silvano Le Mexico
Marion dutch
Orchidee Keur Pref Uppercut xx




Toscane K



Cassini I Capitol I
Wisma Caletto II


Disco Lady

Dinar Disput
Meerelfe Marco Polo
Achtung H



Torino’s progeny speaks for itself:

  • 2004 US Champion BWP foal: Elio JSF (Torino / Saluut) + US res. Champion colt Equinox (Torino / Branco)
  • 2005 US Champion BWP foal: Fidelio JSF (Torino / Columbus) + US Champion Yearling
  • 2006 US Champion BWP foal: Grat’Czia Torina JSF (Torino / Balta’Czar) + US res. Champion foal Giada JSF + US Champion colt Giacomo JSF + US Champion 2 yr old Elio JSF
  • 2007 US Champion BWP foal: H-Cassino (Torino / Nebel Horn) + US Champion Yearling filly + son Elio JSF from first crop approved BWP w/ a 9 in jumping
  • 2008 US Res Champion BWP foal : Ianto (Torino / Gottelowe), Champion 2 yr old : Gaea SF (Torino / Saluut) and son Equinox (Torino / Branco) approved BWP w/ 87% for jumping portion. Tied for US res champion BWP filly: Interlaken (Torino / Pikadero) w/ 82%
  • 2011 H-Cassino (Torino / Nebel Horn) approved for breeding BWP
  • 2012 Equinox SF (Torino / Branco) wins at PSG
  • 2013 Paloma JSF (Torino/ Prinz Gaylord) Res Champion of Young Horse Show Final 4 yo jumping u/s

 Torino welcome stake w Daniel Damen







Show Results and HistoryTorino3

  • 12& 13 w/ junior Abbie Ross at High jr/am and GP
  • 10 & 11 w Anne Kurzinski
  • 09 Torino clear round in his first Welcome stake and clear round in his first Grand Prix
  • 08 Torino jumps 9 clear rounds level 7 and places 2nd in his first mini-prix
  • 07 Torino jumped 1m20 (4’1″) with many double clears
  • 06 Torino sidelined with a minor injury
  • 05 Torino jumped up to level 4
  • 04 Torino started u/s
  • 03 Reserve Champion BWP-NAD 2003 Stallion Approvals